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POLISAS Proceeding webpage is developed for the publishing research papers online. The research papers were previously presented in conferences and seminars held by POLISAS. The idea of initiating this publication effort is to cater the needs to embed research, innovation and publication culture within the POLISAS surroundings. This proceeding is truly dedicated to educators whose everlasting passion for teaching, learning and research in transforming the institution into TVET champion becomes a reality.

e-Proceeding ICAFST

e-Proceeding Innoplen 2023


e-Proceeding Innoplen 2022

   eISBN: 978-967-2766-24-7

e-Proceeding INNOPLEN 2019(2)

 eISBN : 978-967-0778-52-5

e-Proceeding INNOPLEN 2019

 eISBN : 978-967-0778-48-8


POLISAS Proceeding (e-Proceeding INNOPLEN 2018)

 eISBN : 978-967-0778-35-8

e-Proceeding NERIEC

 eISBN : 978-967-0778-40-2

e-Proceeding FAMB

 eISBN : 978-967-0778-39-6