e-Proceeding NERIEC

Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneur Conference (NERIEC) convention is a rebranding product of POLISAS Education Research Seminar (PERS).The objectives of the convention is to improve research quality and increase participations from all TVET institutions in Malaysia. The convention is a combination of 3 main programs namely research, innovation (INNOPLEN) and entrepreneurship. NERIEC convention emphasizes on the elements required to achieve the 7 ecosystem innovation shift in the Malaysia Education Development blueprint (Higher Education, 2015-2025). The blueprint focuses on the development of human resource and quality intellectual model to realize the aspirations of becoming a progressive, harmony and competitive country. Research, Innovation and entrepreneurship programs are hoped to turn to make polytechnic as a successful leading institution in TVET, thus making it as students number one choice. This phase focuses on the needs to commercialize the research and projects findings for either service or product developed in polytechnic. The findings from NERIEC convention will be compiled in e-Proceeding NERIEC. All the articles in the publication is hoped to be able to give meaningful contributions so that research, innovation and entrepreneurship culture can be inculcated for the readers. 


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